Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Decorating in Progress.

Due to our camera's corrupt compact flash drive, I thought all of the pictures we've taken over the past 2 months were ruined. While 50% or more of them were, I was excited to find that there are some that don't have neon horizontal lines running through them.

Here are a few that turned out from Thanksgiving weekend when we decorated our house for Christmas . . . As you can see, our dog is extremely helpful.

Riley helping us remove the tags and put lights on the wreaths.

Side note on the un-lighted wreaths -- Justin was pumped that he scored a great deal on these super discounted un-lighted wreaths during an after-Christmas sale last year at Lowe's. I wasn't so confident because I hate dealing with the little tiny lights any more than I have to (read: I would rather pay more to have someone do the work for me). He assured me that there wouldn't be any problems. We finished the first wreath in no time. After about 1.5 hours into the second wreath -- trying to find the problem light and re-stringing for the second time -- he mentioned that maybe the un-lighted wreaths weren't such a good of a deal as he originally thought. I of course did the "I-told-you-so" dance (a la Will & Grace). But in the end, the wreaths look great (and we saved some money too).

Riley thought the wreaths also needed a sock.

Riley posing under the tree before the ornaments go on.

Putting up Christmas decorations is hard work.

Stay tuned -- I will have pictures of the final product soon!

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