Friday, January 18, 2013

This Week Was Bananas.

It has been one heck of a week!  Between preparing a brief in record time, speaking at a client seminar, and appearing at a court hearing this week, I'm totally worn out.  I am so thankful it's Friday and I'm off Monday for MLK day!  Hooray!
This is totally random (except for the "clever" tie in with the post title), but it's too good not to share.  Thanks to Corporette, I came across this banana slicer on Amazon.  The 2,000+ reviews are incredible and provided many laughs this week when I needed a little comedic relief.   

Here are some highlights from the reviews: 
  • I was disappointed that this banana slicer only comes in one model. It works like a charm for bananas that bend to the right, but it utterly useless for left-bending bananas. I end up having to eat my left curved bananas un-sliced like some kind of animal.  
  • What can I say about the 571B Banana Slicer that hasn't already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone.... this is one of the greatest inventions of all time. My husband and I would argue constantly over who had to cut the day's banana slices. It's one of those chores NO ONE wants to do! You know, the old "I spent the entire day rearing OUR children, maybe YOU can pitch in a little and cut these bananas?" and of course, "You think I have the energy to slave over your damn bananas? I worked a 12 hour shift just to come home to THIS?!" These are the things that can destroy an entire relationship. It got to the point where our children could sense the tension. The minute I heard our 6-year-old girl in her bedroom, re-enacting our daily banana fight with her Barbie dolls, I knew we had to make a change. That's when I found the 571B Banana Slicer. Our marriage has never been healthier, AND we've even incorporated it into our lovemaking. THANKS 571B BANANA SLICER! 
  • "Wait, this is a BANANA SLICER??" Oh man, I thought it was a modernistic ladder for a parakeet. My "Timmy" loves the way it curves so he can get to that right perch without doing that big awkward hop. 
  • I can't believe I have wasted the first 35 years of my existence on this earth by not having this wonderful banana slicer. All this time I have been standing there at the kitchen counter like a complete IDIOT wasting countless seconds slicing my bananas with a knife. A KNIFE!!!! Can you believe how foolish I was? Listen. This banana slicer will change your life. After slicing a banana, or two, or three (hell slice as many as you want - it takes no time at all)you will feel like you have honey badger blood flowing through your veins and have Charlie Sheen DNA.  
I have no clue how or why there are so many sarcastic reviews, but it's hilarious.  I likely have a very immature sense of humor.  But I'm ok with that.   

And these two cuties always offer some stress relief.  I mean, just look at those sweet faces.

Happy Friday! 


  1. Those comments are amazing! Perfect little pick me up...and so witty...but I am left wondering...and I the "new" dummy with an avocado slicer?? I actually think that is useful though... :) I'll ponder it over the weekend

  2. I was literally laughing out loud at those comments. Perfect Friday post :) have a great weekend!

  3. That's hysterical! I love the Charlie Sheen DNA! Too funny. I would buy it just after seeing the customer comments. Have a great 3 day weekend!

  4. So funny! You had a hectic week- enjoy the long weekend!!

  5. HA!
    Good stuff. Good stuff. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Emily.

  6. Two other funny ones:

    1) the mountain wolf shirt ("and that's when the magic happened") (Other random trivia, a guy from my class in law school posted the original comment that spawned this going viral.)

    and 2) the Bic Pen for Her ("obviously I don't use it for vulgar endeavors like math or filling out a voting application")

  7. Thank you for the laugh, I needed that! :D

    And your puppies are precious!

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