Monday, January 7, 2013

Planners + Happy Birthday.

I know we are already into the second week of January, but let's talk planners . . . 

There was a period of time when I didn't use a written planner -- I just put everything into my Outlook calendar at work.  And since I always had a blackberry or iphone with me, I would just refer to my electronic calendar for everything.  But there were a couple of issues with that method that didn't work the best for me:  (1) my assistant can see my calendar, which is awesome for work stuff, but not so cool for personal things (I don't need her knowing who I'm going to dinner with on the weekend or when I need to go to the store or pick up a prescription); and (2) I found myself making tons of lists on paper for stuff that didn't "fit" nicely in a calendar appointment that would just get lost in my purse.

So last year, I got an Erin Condren planner.  This was the one I got for 2012 (it had my name though, not the hollinger's, but I'm sure they're a lovely family).     


I really liked how colorful it was and the thick pages were super nice.  But my biggest beef with it was it's size.  At least for me, it was just too bulky to throw in my purse.  If I was just leaving it at home all day on my desk, it would be perfect.  But I like to take my planner to work everyday and to carry it with me in my purse on the go, so if something comes up, I can immediately write it down (rather than trying to remember later what it was I needed to add).  I carry enough other crap in my purse, so I didn't have a extra room for a big planner (and my shoulder appreciates a lighter load).

When we were in Paris in September (which I am planning to recap shortly), I came across a more compact planner at merci (aka the best store ever). 

The merci planner is much lighter and tucks easily into my purse/work bag everyday.  While I miss the brightness of my other planner, pulling out this planner always reminds me of the great time we had in Paris, which is more fun than any bright colors can provide.

The downsides are that it doesn't include the US holidays, but I could easily add them myself.  The paper is also thinner, which is my biggest complaint.  But it works out -- I just use pencil instead of pen, which prevents any bleeding through to the other side.  And now when I tell someone I'll pencil them in, I really mean it.  Ok, I'm done with the cheesy jokes.     

I like that, in addition to little pockets in the front and back flaps, it has a zipper pouch in the cover, so I can easily store lose papers/paper clips/etc. in there.  I still make notes on paper, but I can easily store them in the planner.  (Side note: This was my errand list from this past weekend -- let the organizing commence!  I'll share some of those projects!)      

So I'm curious, do you use a paper planner or are you solely electronic?  


And most importantly today, I want to wish my mom a very happy birthday.  She's such a wonderful person and I'm so blessed to have her has a mom and a friend.  I love you, mom!


  1. I loved reading this. I am electronic-only girl, but I share your concerns. I don't necessarily like that my assistant at work has access to my full calendar and I have a bad habit of writing down random stuff on tiny post-it notes.... I also use Evernote though, which I love. I'm glad you found a paper planner that isn't so large. It looks very cute and I love the zippered part.

  2. I hav to write things down. After I got pregnant, I would completely forget things if I didn't write them down. Mine is pretty heavy, so next time you're in Paris, pick another one up for me! Oui?!

  3. I hav to write things down. After I got pregnant, I would completely forget things if I didn't write them down. Mine is pretty heavy, so next time you're in Paris, pick another one up for me! Oui?!

  4. soly electronic...I use the notes and reminders like no one's business! I always have my phone but swtich purses so would be worried about missing my planner...I also like having everything electronically so I can sync work with personal

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the wonderful birthday dinner. I have the best daughter ever!

  6. Y'know, I haven't tried an actual planner since college...I never actually remembered to write in them or to check them on the off chance that I did write it down (c; But honestly, it would be nice to have it on hand and I need paper to write things down constantly! Maybe I should become a responsible adult? And btw, thanks for the encouragement on the BAR, it really does just suck, but for some reason, it always makes me feel better when people confirm that it's awful, then I know that we're not the only ones feeling that way! (c;

  7. Im totally a paper planner and used my Daytimer constantly when I was working. I often needed to refer back to stuff and it was so easy to just flip the pages to find what I was looking for. I love electronics too but think I'll always be a paper planner gal :)

  8. Just found your blog (hopped over from Our Fifth House) and was immediately in love after reading this post.

    I have a (fairly infamous) obsession with both lists and notebooks and I bought the EXACT same Erin Condren planner. I also had my own name put on it, though I too think the Hollingers are probably just awesome people.

    So glad to have found a kindred spirit!

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