Friday, January 6, 2012

J Crew Shoes.

It seemed like almost every day for the few leading up to Christmas, I was getting emails from J Crew with special deals -- free shipping, 15% off, 20% off, and then the amazing 30% off.  I miss those days and the 27 tabs I had open in Firefox with various items to add to my cart.

I got an email earlier this week from J Crew with a different kind of excellent news.  No there was no sale, but they do have the best pair of shoes ever again!  J Crew used to have peep toes called the Joley, which they no longer sell.  I have 2 pairs of them and wore my black ones all-the-dang-time.  So much so that I wore them out.  Sadsies.  I couldn't fathom the thought of not having my go to basic black peep toe pumps, so while shamefully wearing shoes I clearly should have retired a while ago, I hunted on ebay and craigslist for a pair.  I didn't have much luck and thought I would have to move on to a different, less-perfect, pair.

But the recent email had the following image:

Do you see it (look very very closely)?  The bottom right chick.  I saw her and thought "Hooray!  It's a New Year Miracle -- the Joleys are back!"  And then I went to the women's shoe section of the J Crew website in record time.  Well, they're not the Joley peep toes, they're called the Drea now, but they are super close (if not identical) to my favorite pair of shoes.  My store doesn't have them in stock, but I should be receiving my pair in the mail any day now.  I can't hardly wait!

And like my other pair, I'm of the opinion that you really need more than one color.  This blue color is speaking to me. 

(all photos: jcrew)

Yep, that's right, I've officially dedicated an entire post to a pair of peep toes (say that 3 times fast).  They are that good, people. 

Have you ever had a product that was discontinued or a piece of clothing you missed out on and then it came back and made your week? 

In non-shoe news, my mom is turning 60 on Saturday! We are hosting a party for her at our house with about 50 guests. I'll be back post-party! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great shoes! I have a super comfy pair of suede (lambs wool insides) moccasins I got a couple years ago and so wish I could find a new pair!! Love the blue color. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom.

  2. Looks like the perfect shoe. I have been obsessed with JCREW lately!

  3. Aw, happy birthday, mama! And as for the shoes, um yeah, *totally* awesome...what's not to like about peep toe, patent, and the perfect height heel??? Heading over to check those suckers out! (c: Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. oooooh love those!! They DO look like the PERFECT peep toe. (you should buy 2 pair in black reagardless of if you buy another colour or not...backups...i'm just saying)

  5. OMG, These ARE the best shoes. I have them in Camel and LOVE them. I didn't know they were back. HOORAY!

  6. Heck yes you dedicated an entire post to shoes...and beautiful shoes too! So glad they're back...yay! Have fun celebrating your mom's 60th!

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I missed them the first time around, kept hearing how fabulous they were, then kicked myself. I won't let that happen again!

  8. How awesome! Those are darling. Can't wait for you to get yours! Hope the party was a blast! :)

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