Monday, December 6, 2010

Small Changes.

In the midst of all the fun Christmas decorating, I've updated a few things around the house.

First up, remember my vintage finds from our San Diego trip?  I finally remembered to take a picture of the coral print we picked up in Ocean Beach in its new home!   Here it is before:

And here it is after in our powder room:

Next, I changed up my dishwashing soap bottle.  (I know, I live a crazy life!)  I purchased one from ebay (that blogged about here) a while back.  I really liked it, but overtime the little dispenser got clogged and it wasn't fitting as securely in the bottle anymore.   So I went from this


to this:

I found the new dispenser in the bath section at Target and knew it would be a good replacement.  It's not quite as charming, but it makes up for it in function.  And the old bottle will be relocated to the rest of my vintage bottle collection (where all it has to do is look pretty).

And last, we updated the rug in the kitchen sitting room area.  It's the Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm. 

The rug is nice and soft, and I love the color of it (not to yellow; not too brown).  Zoey loved the feel of the rug too.



  1. Em, you have the prettiest house. Love your settee and all the touches you choose for your home.

  2. Pretty pic from San Diego. I love it there.
    Great new rug, it goes great with your sitting room. Is that a PB sattee? What a great print.

  3. Love the new rug and the colors in your sitting room. Very pretty!

  4. Ha! That dog is precious. You know it's a good rug when even the pups like it :)

  5. I love the puppy pics!!!! And i have that same Target soap dispenser...I think it's pretty snazzy,in a Restoration Hardware kind of way.

  6. that little sitting area is so pretty!

  7. I turned an olive oil bottle into a soap dispenser and had the same issues. I thought I was being so clever. I like your new rug! :)

  8. Your puppy pics are cracking me up!! Your coral photos is so perfect for your bathroom. I bought a very similar Target dispenser (seems I'm in good company) but mine didn't work! I do have an olive oil bottle from TJ Maxx that works pretty well, but it's not as pretty. Isn't it funny how we give attention to these things?! :)

  9. Oh my goodness Zoey is so cute! And all your new treasures are so amazing!


  10. I love your puppy! Just chilled out on that great rug!

  11. Love your blog, love your home! I had to chuckle....I noticed your dogs names are Riley & Zoey, those are my daughters names!! Great minds think alike:) I was curious the jute rug you got from West Elm, which color did you choose? I was happy to see this post as I have been looking for a rug for my seating area! Thanks!


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