Monday, December 13, 2010

Sarah 101.

The other day I saw that Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe are launching a new series in January in Canada called Sarah 101.  (Side note: how awesome is Tommy and how fabulous are his sister's jackets?)  I am keeping my fingers crossed that HGTV in the US picks it up (and stat).

(photo: Sarah's House Facebook page)  (yep, that's right, I look at her facebook page).

The blurb above describes the series as design classes, "Sarah's style."  Sounds perfect!  Here is some more info about the show.  I may have to move to Canada just so she can redo my house.


  1. Oooh I love Sara Richardson! I too hope they run this in the US!

  2. I think I love Tommy more than I love Sarah :) But together they are pretty much awesome. I'd definitely watch the show if they start playing it here!

    And thanks for the comment about our little puppy :) He is way cute.

  3. I hope they come to the U.S. too! She is amazing!


  4. I had 27 episodes of her show on my dvr...they somehow got deleted. Not happy about it!

  5. I would totally pay extra on my cable to get a show with her and Tommy! LOVE LOVE her work and his quirkiness.

  6. I LOVE Sarah! Being Canadian, I have been watching her shows for years and I only wish she wasn't on the other side of the country!

  7. I've heard of this- so wishing we get it in the U.S.


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