Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip Pictures.

We had a wonderful time in Mexico. As always, we wish we had a few more days, but we really enjoyed our time there. It was great to spend time with old friends and take it easy. It has been quite a while that I haven't worked (much less not even thought about work) for 3 full days.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to Brooke and Jeff!

The rooms at the resort were great. Service was a little hard to judge since things weren't quite normal because so many guests had canceled because of swine flu. We have actually stayed at the resort right next door before (it begins where the sail boat is in the picture). It was funny to think we were standing in almost the same place almost 2 years ago (for my bar trip).

Justin woke up early several mornings and took some great shots of the sunrise. He's not that crazy, he came back to bed and slept in later after he took the shots, like you are supposed to do on vacation.

The view from the palapa:

The gorgeous resort:

Enjoying a little caipirinha . . .

Us right after the wedding. And don't worry, our bridesmaid dresses were white -- I usually don't make it a habit to wear all white strapless dresses to weddings.

Wish we were back in Mexico relaxing and hanging out with friends again!

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