Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ikea Trip.

For the most part, I am generally a pretty good planner. However, the other weekend we went to Ikea, and all planning went out the window. As we were wheeling 3 carts out to the loading zone, both of realized we could be in trouble. (Side note: how fun are the Ikea carts?)

Thankfully, one of Justin's many talents is loading a car like it's no body's business. He also likes a challenge, so we had a couple things in our favor. We definitely tested the limits of his car's capacity.

Here is a view of the back:

Yes, the box was over our heads on the way home. Thankfully, Ikea is not far from our house.

Here is the view from the rear-passenger's side. We made a trip to Lowe's on the way to Ikea (hence the contractor's pack of light bulbs).

And the rear-driver's side:

Pictures to come of the contents of all the boxes, once it is all assembled. Here is one of the items, the Tromsnes daybed for our office:

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