Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nursery Thoughts - Big Picture.

My thoughts for the nursery have evolved over the last 5+ months.  At first I was certain I wanted to do a dark navy nursery with accents of white, gold, and blush pink.  Something along these lines with dark moody walls . . .

Then one day I decided I really wanted a softer feel for the room.  Even though I still adore the look of a dark nursery, I thought as she grows up, maybe we can do something more dramatic, but she's a baby and maybe I should keep the nursery soft and light.  (And our bedroom, which I haven't shown on the blog, is Hale Navy so I hesitated having two dark navy rooms.)

So now I am thinking more along these lines, but I'm still liking the idea of gold, blush pink, and now light gray instead of navy as the main color (and possibly some navy in smaller doses).  

While the final color scheme is technically still up in the air, we've picked up a few of the bigger items for the nursery:

The glider (it's the West Elm Graham glider in dove gray):

The crib (the classic Jenny Lind crib in white).  This was really a no-brainer because both Justin and I slept in Jenny Lind cribs when we were babies.  Cue the awwwws.

The dresser/changing table (the Hemnes dresser from Ikea) with new hardware and

with anne overlays painted in gold:

Here's a sneak peek of the overlays painted gold (as well as a few other items too).  I think I may have a gold spray painting addiction!  

And Justin painted some test swatches on the wall this weekend.  Spoiler alert, we've picked the color (BM Shoreline), but it's not one of the swatches painted on the wall in this picture!  I'll do a more detailed post with all of the colors we tried since I think it's so helpful to see paint swatches next to each other.

So that's pretty much all of the big picture things.  It's so exciting to pull this room together.  Now on to all the fun details!  


  1. I'm thinking of going moody in our bedroom, so I'm really loving the top pics...but I think in the long run, you'll be happier with a brighter nursery. All the toys, clothes, blankies, etc end up being so colorful, that the neutral will be a soothing backdrop for it.
    And there is no such thing as too much gold spraypaint!

  2. That is a lot of paint samples! I love the look of those moody nurseries too but think a light neutral space is more fitting for a baby (especially come Spring!)

  3. It is going to be beautiful. I love the softer color with bold accents. And, agree with Cassie...can never have too much gold spray paint! LOL

  4. You definitely have a gold spray paint love affair. But, it all looks great, so, stick with it! Can't wait to see her room. Ah, nursery planning, such fun.

  5. I love the softer colors too. And, get my granddaughter used to gold - so that she knows what kind of jewelry to request (and diamonds, too). --Mom

  6. love the whole look, and I had to comment because we are using the same West Elm glider in our nursery right now and I absolutely LOVE it! It was the best choice! It is so comfy with the high back and I love the narrow silhouette because its very easy to prop your arms at the right angle when feeding. Also the biggest bonus- NOTHING stains this thing! We are 12 months in with a messy boy who was had big time spit ups and everything wipes off with a wet towel!

  7. I love the light and bright ones! (And the dark ones, I think either direction is lovely.) And I love love love jenny lind furniture. I've searched for the longest time to find a king jenny lind bed, but no cigar.

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