Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Featuring: Life with a Dash of Whimsy.

I always love reading The Everygirl blog, especially their home tours.  They feature everyday homes, which is always refreshing -- the rooms are always beautiful, but attainable and totally livable at the same time.  They featured one recently that really caught my eye.  I studied all of the pictures in great detail because all of the little touches were just perfect.

But what made the whole thing even more special was that the tour featured the home of United States Army Captain Katie del Castillo.  Someone who serves our country and can decorate the heck out of her DC place -- yes, please!  Katie has her own blog, which is great so be sure to check it out.

(all photos via the everygirl)

Pretty fabulous, right?

(As a total aside, as I was typing this post, Justin was playing around on my exercise ball.  I look over and he's attempting to balance himself completely on the ball.  I could see what was about to happen from a mile away . . . and you probably can too . . . of course, he started falling backwards (like slow-mo style) and fell on the floor.  Anyway, you just had to be here to witness the awesomeness of it, but I am still crying from laughing so hard.)


  1. I love the decor here. And, I agree: a woman with both style AND guts, yes please!

    (And you had me giggling at the end, too.)

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