Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Riley.

This weekend we got a bunch of things accomplished around the house.  We picked a paint color for the nursery, assembled the dresser in the nursery, revamped a vintage chandelier, reorganized my closet, and a bunch of other things (more on all of those things later).  But the most important thing we did was celebrate Riley's 9th birthday.

After our sweet Riley was so very sick last year on his birthday, I knew I wanted to make this year extra special since last year I wasn't so sure he would make it.  So he got tons of extra snuggles today, we went on a walk, and he (and Zoey) got to enjoy homemade doggie cupcakes.

Riley's cupcake eating style is to delicately lick the icing off first, then devour the entire cake portion in one bite.

And because they both were being extra photogenic this weekend, I can't resist sharing two more pictures of the two of them riding in the back of the car and sunning by the backdoor.

I am totally biased, but aren't they just heart-melters?  Hope you guys had a great weekend!  


  1. Sweetest, cutest dogs ever!!!! happy birthday, Riley!!!

  2. And smart, the smartest pooches around!

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  4. Cutie patooties! We have a little Welsh man, too! Oliver is our little guy who will be 12 in July. We live in Lubbock and don't see many Welsh Terriers so your cute kiddos caught my eye immediately. So glad all is well with your Riley!


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