Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Posting X 2.

I was delighted to be over at Bright, Bold, and Beautiful yesterday sharing some images that represent what is bright, bold, and beautiful to me.  I could spend all day looking around Laura's fabulous blog (and her Etsy shop too)!  

And just in case one guest post wasn't enough  . . .

Today I'll be over at Aubrey's awesome blog All Things Bright and Beautiful. I am pumped to be participating in her great series "How to Make Your Home Your Own."  Aubrey's blog is always full of inspiration and humor! 

Go check them out!


  1. I'm heading over to see you at Aubrey's blog.

  2. yay for guest posting!! checking them out now :)

  3. Double yay for guest posting over at my place (c: hehehe! I can't thank you enough for the fantastic guesting, you are the best! And of course everyone else thinks so, too...I'm pretty sure there is going to be *quite* a few kitchens with framed recipes in them now (c:

  4. I just finished reading your guest post on Aubrey's blog. Lovely post, your framed family recipe idea is wonderful! I may just have to steal it.


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