Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bedroom Vanity/Desk Update.

The vanity/desk (or whatever it is since we don't use it as a vanity or a desk) in our master bedroom, has been in some major need of help.  I didn't really know how to accessorize it, and what I had been trying so far hadn't been working.

I finally feel like I am on the right track, but certainly still have some tweaking to do.

For starters, I need to get a picture for the empty picture frame.  I also need a new lamp.  The current one isn't bad, but I am thinking about a ceramic lamp.  I've been eying this one.

I originally included another (empty) frame, but decided it may look a bit too cluttered. 

I don't know why something that is seemingly so simple can cause such a mental block!  But I am glad to be making progress. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. looks great!
    where did you find those books???

    jillian xoxo

  2. I really like it! The lamp you're eyeing is great- have you had any luck at Homegoods? I thought I'd seen one similar there but I know it's hit or miss. And I'm with you on just one frame since the table is pretty small. I've got those books on my Christmas wish list, I'm hoping to google them and find them somewhere for less.

  3. It is looking so great! And I love the lamp you have been eyeing. It would be a fun pop of color.

  4. Thanks, girls!

    Jillian, the books are from Amazon. They are the penguin cloth-bound classics.

  5. I think it's looking great! I especially love that mirror! Good luck with the rest of this decorating project!


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