Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kitchen Lighting.

So I have been drooling over the Calais chandelier from Z Gallerie for quite some time now.  We were originally considering it for our sitting room off the master, but we were concerned it would hang too low.  Not one to be deterred, I convinced Justin to try it out in the kitchen.

It's not completely hung yet (we were just testing it out to see how it would look in the space).

The close up:

And what was there before:

What do you think?  The glass chandelier or the pendant?


  1. I think it looks pretty. But I (personally) liked the one that you had there before (pendant). I think if you add a bit of sparkle to your table (centerpiece) it will look fantabulous!

  2. That chandelier looks amazing! Love it!

  3. I definitely like the chandelier, especially when compared to the pendant. The pendant looks great, I just think the chandy looks better. Matches the space better or something.


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