Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trader Joe's.

I big puffy heart Trader Joe's. The only problem is there is not one in Texas. So we usually load up on stuff while we're in San Diego. We came home from our trip last year with 3 bottles of 2 buck Chuck wine packed in our checked bags. We didn't take the same risk this year and settled for safer, less breakable items instead. Here are the delicious food products we brought home (thank goodness for expanding suitcases):

We also got tea tree shampoo and conditioner and some body lotion. Their body lotion is awesome -- very moisturizing, but not greasy and it's crazy cheap. I wish I could get them to ship a gallon to me (and, while we're at it, a massive container of the shortbread cookies with chocolate filling too).

Maybe if this whole lawyer thing doesn't work out, I can open a Trader Joe's in Houston. It would certainly make my load a lot lighter on my way back from San Diego!

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