Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kobe Burger.

Texas Monthly magazine had a recent article listing the 50 best burgers in Texas.

One of our favorite restaurants (Mockingbird Bistro) was number 25. They have a delicious american kobe burger. The one on the dinner menu is served with foie gras and is $29. We eat at the bar frequently and Justin always orders the kobe burger. It is the exact same except stilton cheese and carmelized onions are substituted for the foie gras, and it is a bargain. It only costs . . . wait for it . . . $9! (and don't get me started on their truffled fries).

For a short period of time, instead of 1 large burger, they had 2 smaller burgers (sliders) with 2 different cheeses. Justin enjoyed the variety of the cheeses. After they went back to the regular burger, the bartender told us that a regular customer complained about the sliders so they went back.

Well, tonight my friends we got to eat at the bar with that patron. When the guy walked in, Justin commented that he sensed the guy was the one that abrogated the sliders. As expected, he was an opinionated older gentleman (in Justin's words, an "old codger") who evidently eats there every Friday night (and reserves a seat at the bar) -- and has the burger every time.

Tonight he asked the bartender (and I quote): "were you around when they had those god-forsaken sliders? that was a terrible idea." I was glad I was sitting in between him and Justin because I thought Justin was about to let loose on him for doing away with the sliders. Thankfully, we avoided a confrontation and Justin was more than happy with his non-slider burger.

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