Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 things . . .

(Man, I am bad at keeping up with my list of things I am thankful for.)

1. Getting the holiday weekend off! Watching fireworks with friends this year was much better than hearing the fireworks go off while working in the office last year on the 4th.

2. Having a partner-free Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week at work.

3. Having a day in Houston that stayed below 100 degrees!

4. Chick-fil-A's peach shake. Not to be confused with their slippery floors, which I am not thankful for. [Side note: If your husband asks you to "share" a shake with him, watch him like a hawk to make sure he splits it fairly. He sipped it the whole way home and then says "do you want half of what we started with or half of what's left?" Next time I will order my own small!]

5. My Nana's "nanner pudding" lovingly made by my sweet mom. Thanks mom, you're the best! My waistline has expanded thanks to the 7 servings of banana pudding I had to eat before the bananas got too ripe.

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