Sunday, June 3, 2012

San Diego - Trip #1.

Sorry for the radio silence.  Things have been crazy busy around here . . . more details on that in the next post.  But before this post becomes even more overdue, I had to share pictures from our trip to San Diego in early May.  (We actually went back to San Diego last weekend, but I will do a separate post about that trip, which involves a surprise wedding!  See, I told you I've been busy!)

For our first trip out to San Diego, we went with only one goal in mind -- to meet and love on Henry, my best friend's precious new baby.  (See the details of his baby shower here.)  Of course it's no surprise, but he is a beautiful baby. 

Henry was a perfect angel the entire time we were there.  We had our big outing and meal of the day around lunch time, which worked perfectly with his schedule.  Henry got quite the tour of San Diego while we were there.

One afternoon, we headed to the embarcadero to enjoy the scenery.  It was pretty cool to go there for several reasons, but maybe the coolest was because the last time Lauren and Jacob were there, Lauren was walking up and down the stairs (you can barely see them in the first photo) trying to encourage Henry to make his appearance since he was nearly a week late!   

The next day we headed to Coronado island and had lunch at the hotel. 

We were also happy to be a part of Henry's first trip to In-N-Out.  Lauren had to put a napkin over Henry's head so the delicious sauce from the burger wouldn't drip on him while he was in the Moby!  

When we weren't out and about, we did a lot of staring at Henry.  It never got old.

Justin was on this trip too!  He just happened to be the one taking most of the pictures.  I did manage to get this one of him and Henry on my iphone.

Look at his hair!  It is so long!  

These are some of my favorite pictures of Henry with his mom.  How cute is it that they both have on their gray and white stripes? 

And here's a picture of Henry from today.  His hair is parted just like his dad's!  It kills me.  Such a beautiful baby!  

While we've loved visiting Lauren and Jacob in San Diego over the years, I am super excited that, as of last weekend, they have moved back to Texas!  I will be able to hang out with Henry so much more now!  (Oh yeah, and Lauren and Jacob too!) 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!  I am hoping to have some time this week to catch up on some much overdue blog reading!


  1. ahhhh what a cute post! That adorable boy sure did deserve the great shower you threw him :)

  2. Wow, he's such a cute little guy!! Looks like you had a blast!! :)

  3. Adorable! I love the one where he's on his mom's knee. She'll look back at that one day and wonder what happened to that little baby, sniff, or maybe that's just me?!

  4. All his clothes are pure perfection!

  5. Ohmygoodness!!! This makes me want to have another baby! So precious!

  6. Adorable! I am loving all the new baby pics around blogland.

  7. That little man hair just kills me...he is absolutely so darling! And want to know what else kills me??? That adorable picture of Henry and Justin, too cute for words!!!

  8. What a precious little boy! How fun it must have been to meet him and see your best friend! Can't wait to hear more of what you've been up to. And don't worry about the house hunt- it will all work out! :)

  9. ahhh...he is so sweet :) I am heading out to San Diego for work in August and am so excited. Never been before!

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