Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ikea Finds.

When we moved to our apartment, we knew we would have to get a few things for storage.  For starters, our kitchen had no pantry.  Ikea's Besta cabinet ended up being the perfect size for the space and worked really well with the kitchen cabinets.

Thankfully, Riley and Zoey "helped" with the assembling.

Voila!  After a little assembling (and getting the dogs out of the way), we now have a new pantry!  It's excellent because it doesn't cover up the light switch on the wall and still gives us some space for our trashcan. 

There's also enough room on the other side for a little hook to hold my apron.  It's nice because it's almost hidden over there.

In case you're curious about the inside of the pantry, it's nothing too exciting. 

Here's a shot of the cabinets in the kitchen so you can see what we're working with.  The one from Ikea goes perfectly! 

Those of you with an eagle eye may have spied a new rug in the kitchen.  I picked up this ikat rug from Urban Outfitters, which works well in there (and didn't break the bank).  Our kitchen has slate tile in it and I hated the way it felt on my feet.  So I wanted something that would cover most of the floor.  I think the dogs are also happier with something a little softer to beg from when we are in the kitchen.   

In addition to the pantry, Ikea also came through for some shoe storage.  The master closet in our old home had amazing built-ins that were perfect for shoes.  Not surprisingly, the closet in our apartment does not.  We had the perfect little space in our new closet though for some shoe storage.  The Billy bookcase from Ikea with some additional shelves just happened to fit perfectly!  I still have to store some of my shoes under my clothes and poor Justin doesn't even get a shelf, but he's ok with that.   

For those of you following along with our house hunt, we went to see 2 homes today in our favorite neighborhood.  One was out of our budget, but we wanted to see it anyway for comparison purposes.  Thankfully, the bedrooms were oddly laid out upstairs so we didn't fall in love with it (but the first floor was perfection).  The other house was pretty decent, but was built about 20 years ago and we would definitely need to do some renovations (i.e., new kitchen, new bathroom).  Property Brothers, anyone?  It totally gives us something to think about though.  The inventory has been super low here, but our realtor thinks things will pick up in the next month.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!  I am tired driving through the neighborhood yelling "come on people, sell your house!"   

Last but not least, in the last week, I've come across 2 amazing Craigslist finds.  One of them starts with a "camp" and ends with an "aign."  I will be back with pictures!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Love the rug! And, loving your new storage. Our daughter will be moving to a different apartment soon and I will have to keep those to pieces from Ikea in mind. She's a shoe girl too!!

  2. I love how you're making the apartment your home! The storage is great and I LOVE the ikat rug! Good luck hunting for your new home...would it be great to have Property Brothers help out? I love that show!

  3. I'm looking to store my shoes on something else other than a lego-like walmart shelf. I'm liking those Ikea bookcases you used for your shoes, do they have a specific name? I'm thinking of maybe getting some myself...

  4. I love those puppies - they are so precious (and helpful)! Mom

  5. The new pantry matches perfectly. Hope you guys find a new home soon---in our neighborhood ;)

  6. Good luck with the new home. We added onto ours last year and it was a nightmare but so worth it in the end.

  7. How great that both storage solutions work seamlessly in the rooms you put them in. That rock rocks too.

  8. Love that rug! Great job on the pantry - and how neat you keep it. I want to see a picture of the inside in 3 weeks... :)

  9. Well I think that cabinet was made for that place. Organizing is the way to my heart so I love all that you're undertaking in your new space. Can't wait to see the camp, aign thing you bought:)

  10. how do you get the extra shelves i must have some extra storage

  11. Oooh that ikat rug is calling my name! You've also inspired me to make an Ikea run, it's been too long!


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