Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip Recap: Paris.

We've waded our way through a lot of the pictures. Up first, the Paris pics!

Despite what it may look like based on the sheer number of pictures in this post, it really was so hard to choose my favorite photos to share with you -- I loved them all.  I seriously loved every single second of Paris. I would go back tomorrow if I could. There was just so much about the city that captured me -- the people, the food, the architecture. It was all amazing. So without further ado . . .

We pretty much hit up all the major Paris "attractions." We ran out of time for Versailles and the Musee d'Orsay, but we just kept saying we will go there next time.  


Other fun random pictures:

We frequently rode the Metro.  Justin was the master of the train system and totally had it figured it out -- we didn't get on the wrong train once.  Quite impressive. 

But we also did our fair share of walking too -- and it was needed after all of the amazing food we had.  It's hard to pick a favorite between the bread, cheese, macaroons, tasty glace (ice cream), and steak/frites, but the thing I still crave the most are the lemon and sugar crepes.  Seriously, yum.   

A pigeon had the nerve to beg from me as I enjoyed my delicious macaroon from Pierre Herme in front of St. Sulpice.  The pigeons even know how good they are!    

Don't worry, Justin enjoyed the food too.  And the drinks.  Our first night, we went to Harry's Bar (the oldest cocktail bar in Europe and where the Bloody Mary was created).  You can read an interesting write up about it here.

And what's Paris without shopping?  We checked out Merci -- I could have spent hours there.  They had some amazing things for the house and beautiful jewelry.  I picked up a couple of souvenirs. 

We also went to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (the huge flea market).  I ended up with just a couple of things -- a letterpress H and some French vintage books.  If I could have packed mirrors, chandeliers, and furniture, I would have left with a truckload.  But I wasn't disappointed -- I loved walking around and just looking at all of the beautiful things. 

One of my favorite parts of Paris was just walking the streets and being surrounded by the beautiful architecture.

I quickly became obsessed with the doors and now have the desire to paint our front door a glossy teal blue.

Of course a Paris trip recap wouldn't be complete without pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

The view from the top of the tower:

People always ask what my favorite part of the trip was.  It's so hard to just pick one favorite, but Paris would definitely be up there at the top.  I'm already thinking about our return trip there.  Stay tuned for the remainder of the trip . . . Italy is up next!  

Au revoir!


  1. so fun! i am so jealous of what looks like was an amazing trip! and those doors are so pretty - you should do it!

  2. What a fantastic trip! You both navigated through the city well!! Nothing like the food and markets in European cities!

  3. I love this! Thank you. We are starting to plan a trip to Paris and I need to bookmark your blog for this purpose! Oh, and I want to paint our front door teal now!!

  4. I'm with you and Heather on the teal door, color perfection! And seriously, a fabulous trip with fabulous food??? It doesn't get any better than that! No wonder you want to go back! (c:

  5. oh my, this report is just glorious!! i love every single picture...and have walked almost every path you did. but in our 2 visits, i've never made the flea market.

    you guys covered some serious ground, how long were you there? And nutella crepe for me please!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Your trip looks amazing...definitely the food, the buildings, and just the feel of the city :) I love how you got to the flee market - very exciting.

  7. gorgeous pictures! i LOVE paris. such an interesting and beautiful city. and crepes...oh yes. gotta love those!!

  8. We are going to Europe for our honeymoon in May and we were going to stick to Italy- but this is making me want to visit Paris also. Looks amazing.

  9. Very lovely photos. I would say you have to go back to Paris because you definitely need to see the Musee D'Orsay. Can't wait to see your photos from Italy.

  10. Oh wow! It looks like such an amazing trip (and you guys make the cutest couple). Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  11. Lovely. You look beautiful. You HAVE to go to Musee d' Orsay (my FAVORITE) and Versailles. They are both worth a trip. My favorite crepes were the Nutella & nuts-YUM. I can't wait for the Italy recap!

  12. Loved reading every single word...and the pictures, beautiful pictures! So happy to hear you enjoyed it so much! I too can not wait to go back, and will TOTALLY have to go to the flea market, how fun! Good job on the metro Justin!

  13. I'm a new follower and this trip looks absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I went to Europe for the very first time last fall and I must say Rome was my favorite, Marseille was my second favorite. Hopefully, one day soon I'll be heading to Paris (for the very first time) and back to Rome as well... I'll see you soon and have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Amazing photos! The architecture looks stunning... love those doors.

  15. Wow, what a dream come true! Paris looks incredible. The architecture, the food... that flea market! I could have gone bananas in there, I'm sure. Looks like ya'll had a fabulous time! PS. Your hair looks so cute curly! :)

  16. You're pictures look absolutely amazing! It seems like you had a lot of fun seeing the sights although I realize you did mention you were unable to see some things- probably because there is so much to see! But the next time you are in Paris, check out a Paris City Pass
    . That will save you time and money. Thank you for sharing your piece of Paris!

  17. Ahhh! You've definitely inspired me to go back! We didn't have time for Versailles either and I REALLY want to go to Disneyland Paris! You also managed to get a create photo of the Mona Lisa! I didn't dare try to take one and fight the crowd in front of it ;)

    You've also inspired me to go back and check out Harry's Bar! The oldest bar in Europe? How cool is that!?!?!


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