Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip Recap: Hotel La Belle Juliette (Paris).

I mentioned that we took over 2,000 pics in my last post.  Well, we miscounted -- there are over 3,000. We've sorted through the majority of the Paris ones, so I should be sharing those with you in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my take on the fabulous hotel (La Belle Juliette) we stayed in that I previously blogged about here.  I don't plan on sharing such detailed recaps of each hotel we stayed in, but if you're curious, please let me know and I will answer your questions and give you the deets!    

The hotel was every bit as fabulous as I had hoped it would be.  The sitting area on the main level was amazing.  I mean seriously two pink couches?  Yes, please.

This ornate gold mirror was one of my favorite things.  Beautiful!!

The stairwell was also stunning.  The top right picture is looking down; and the bottom left picture is looking up.  They had little birds suspended the entire way up on the wires you see and the lighting was so dramatic. 

On to our actual room . . . here's the hall leading up to it.  Super dark and moody.  Loved it.

And inside the room . . . the green color on the walls was so pretty.  There was a small fridge, safe, electrical outlets, and hanging room in the built-ins on both sides of the bed.  Oh, and that lamp in the foreground was baller.  It was kind of chandelier-ish -- it had crystals under the shade (you can kind of see, if you look closely).  It was lovely when it was lit up.

Across from our bed was the desk/tv area.  The computer monitor also doubled as the tv (not that we had time to watch tv, but it was a cool space saving idea).  I loved the desk and the soft green color.

We did take advantage of the internet to access maps, check store hours, and other things to fine-tune the last minute details of our day.  It is amazing how using a slightly different keyboard that what you're used to can totally throw everything off! 

A few other little areas around the room . . .

Our bathroom was small, but that's to be expected.  However, it was still incredible.  It has beautiful stained glass, hence the coloring of the following pictures.   

Not sure how appropriate it is to post a picture of the potty room, but the walls were too cool not to share!  I love how they totally jazzed up the small space with paint (and yep, it was paint and not wallpaper).

Justin and I are still talking about the shower and want to install something similar here!  It was one of those car wash showers with plenty of jets (and super high water pressure). 

And a few other little details that I loved.  First, the gray color of the inside of our room's door.

The chevron trim on the pillows.

And last but not least, the door handle to the restroom (or toilette, as they would say).   

In addition to the accommodations being fabulous, the hotel staff was also great.  We mentioned that we were arriving early in the day and just wanted to ensure they could store our luggage while we hit the town to sight-see.  When we checked in at 10:00 a.m., they had our room ready!! It was so nice to freshen up after nearly a 10 hour flight before walking around for a full day.  They also provided excellent restaurant recommendations and spoke great English! 

I'll be back soon with pictures from Paris!  Thanks for your patience!  Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!    


  1. All that purple up there is amazing! What a great hotel. And seriously, that keyboard. I wouldn't even try...I couldn't even imagine in my head trying to type on it! haha (:

  2. Wow...that staircase is amazing! Love the stainglass in the bathroom, and the walls...whoa...wouldn't have wanted to be in there after a few drinks! LOL

  3. I can't believe that is paint and not wall paper! That is some serious attention to detail! That hotel looks dream-like- my bags are packed!

  4. Even more fabulous than the hotel's pictures!!! I'm all about details and I'm *dying* over that cute little trim on the amazing! And that little bathroom is insane! As if that wasn't enough to get me drooling...they have pink couches. PINK FRICKIN' COUCHES!!! I would stay there just for the couches (c: Can't wait to see more!

  5. Wow, you are a lucky girl to have spent time in such a gorgeous hotel. When I went to Paris we had a room that was literally the size of a closet. This is luxury!!

  6. unbelievable!! i love the pattern in the bathroom. what a cool place to stay!

  7. Everything about your hotel in Paris is incredible! The attention to detail throughout the whole space is amazing. I love the stained glass in the bathroom.

  8. Glad you had such a great trip!
    That hotel looks absolutely amazing! I'm glad you captured all the details to share with us.
    (and that keyboard! too funny!)

  9. OMG, I am so jealous right now! That hotel is totally fabulous!!! And the bathroom paint-job is insane! I totally thought it was wallpaper.

  10. Agreed, that purple is fantastic! It had just the right amount of pop without going overload!

  11. Holy fabulous hotel!!! You guys did Paris right!

  12. What a beautiful hotel, Emily! Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip.

  13. wow, completely amazing hotel! what a great place to come home to after enjoying one of the world's most stylish cities.

  14. Hi! What an excellent entry. And all the pictures are really amazing. I love paris!!! Bye!


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