Friday, April 29, 2011

San Diego Trip Recap.

We try to head out to San Diego on a fairly regular basis (you can read about two of our previous trips here and here) to visit Justin's brother and our soon to be sister-in-law:


and my bestest friend in the whole world and her hubby (fun fact:  I have known both of them since elementary school).

It's no secret that I am obsessed with Trader Joe's and In-N-out, so you better believe we made both of those happen.  We also stopped by the flower fields in Carlsbad, which were absolutely stunning.   

Aww, Justin and his brother, Jason, posing in the flowers.  Precious.   

No, Justin and I did not wear coordinating outfits on purpose.  But also precious.   

The ranunculus were ridiculous.  Like off the hizzy.  

Alright, that's enough of my awesome sayings.  Moving along . . . we had dinner and drinks at Starlite.  Super cool vibe there. 

Since it was dark, our picture of the bar didn't turn out too well.  This pic below shows how cool the place is.

(photo: starlite)

After dinner, we went to the Aero Club.  Frankly, the only reason I mention the place is because it had a boat-load of bottles.  I spent some of the time trying to figure out if there were multiple bottles of the same thing and if they only poured from that lower tier.  Yep, I'm one of those nerds at the bar.   

I wonder how many pictures just like this (well not necessarily at a bar) we've taken over the years.  Hundreds probably. 

On Saturday, we cruised to Laguna Beach.  I secretly wanted to see Brody (but would've settled for LC, Lo, or Audrina).  Sadly, I didn't see any of them.  However, I did get to meet a celebrity . . . the super sweet and talented Courtney from A Thoughtful Place.  I could have sat by the beach with her all day and chatted!  Thanks for meeting me out there friend!      

You extra-observant readers may notice my sunglasses are different in the picture below.  I picked up a little souvenir while we were there.  I figured some Tom Ford sunglasses would be a nice way to remember the sunny day we spent in Laguna.   

Justin and Jacob were totally twinsies in Laguna.  Light blue shirt and navy sweater.  Check check.

Jeans and brown leather sneakers.  Check check.  So cute.

Laguna really is such a beautiful place.  I would love to go back during our next trip to San Diego.

As always, our time out there went way too fast.  I am already thinking about our next trip back!   

Happy Friday!


  1. Come back! Come back! We have so much more lounging by the beach to do! You also reminded me I need to cruise down to Carlsbad to take the kids to the flower fields. Happy Friday, friend!

  2. Thanks for letting us peek in on your trip- it looked wonderful! Your new shades look great on you too- and of course I love seeing that pic of you and Courtney. How awesome that you two got to meet up!

  3. love the new shades and your hair is super cute!

    amazing flower pictures. so pretty!

  4. What a super fun trip! I'm a big fan of any trip that includes good food and friends! I'm jealous that you got to meet the fabulous Courtney, too, she is such a sweetheart. And what I really kinda obsesses over in these pics is the anthro shirt dress you are wearing...even better on you, my dear! Have a great weekend, Emily!

  5. So much fun!!! And I wanna play in those flowers :)

  6. Love the new shades! And those flowers are gorgeous.

  7. Looks like so much fun! I would love to lay in and smell those flowers! Have a great weekend!!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Ok, first I am obsessed with Souther Cal (I was married in Coronado Beach) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carlsbad. Second, The flower fields are amazing...those pics are stunning :)Third, Looks like you had a wonderful trip and I am now your new your blog!!

  9. Emily your trip looks like it was amazing! Perfect little getaway. Those flowers are breathtaking - so vibrant and FULL (so many!!). That bar is definitely cool, and I'm sure they never reach for the bottles in the row at the back...I mean it's just not practical. Sort of like people who werar heels they can't walk in, but they look great. :) Loved seeing those photos, hope you are back in the swing of things.

  10. Looks like a great time! The restaurant and bar you went to looked so fun! And how great you got to meet up with Courtney! :) Happy Weekend.

  11. Pleeeeeeeeease come back! You promised to make at least one more trip this year and I am holding you to that! Love you so much!

  12. Looks like a great trip. Part of my husbands family is from Laguna. We want to take the girls to the Pageant of the Masters sometime soon. And, oh, Trader Joe's, how I mightily love thee!

  13. Looks like such an amazing trip :)

  14. awww we love Laguna Beach! My in-laws live in Orange County so we visit Laguna everytime we are out there. Our favorite place to eat is at the Laguna Beach hotel out on the deck right at sunset! And what else can I say Trader Joe's and In & Out!!!!!! Did you know they are opening a In and Out in Dallas!! So there is hope for Houston!!
    It was great meeting you this weekend-I wish we had had more time to chat. Hopefully we will do it again soon!

  15. Those flower fields are beautiful!

  16. The flower fields are so amazing aren't they?! How fun to meet up with Courtney! Looks like you had a really great time! I feel the same about In 'n Out - and Wahoo's and El Pollo Loco :) Next time you're there you need to go to Dana Point and eat at Peking Dragon. The absolute best Chinese food in the world - seriously!

  17. Aw looks like you had so much fun! You are too cute :) I definitely need to make it down to that side of California soon! xo

  18. What a fabulous trip! Those flowers are absolutely stunning! I just found your blog and adore it. I am your newest follower.


  19. How fun you and Courtney hooked up!!!! You guys look so gorgeous...and you know i'm crushing your cardis.

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