Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tahoe 2010.

Finally . . . a recap of the trip we took to Tahoe at the beginning of the month!  We had such a wonderful time taking in the beautiful scenery, getting away from work, and most importantly, spending time with great friends.  The trip was actually like a mini high school reunion (without all of the judging).  The majority of the group went to high school together, and I actually went to school with a couple of the people since the first grade.

We rented a place and all stayed together.  Here is a shot of the back of the house.   

On the way in from Reno, I saw these bear signs (click to enlarge the picture).  My favorite thing was that they included a cute bear cub on them. 

The first full day we were there, most of the group went skiing at Heavenly.  I stayed back at the house because I figured skiing wouldn't be the best idea with my back.  Here are some amazing (or in Justin's words, "majestic") views he captured on the mountain.


Zach and Robert thought they would ski part of the way without their shirts on (obviously adding to the majestic views).

The next day, we all hung out at the house and created a pretty sweet sled path in the backyard.  Even neighbors came over when we were done to test it out.  Here are me and my best friend, Lauren, assisting with the path and posing for pictures.      


And Justin enjoying the fruits of his labor.

After we were done with the sledding, we threw snow balls at each other for a while (note: don't get into a snowball fight with a professional baseball player, he will win).  And then we sat around in the snow, which by the way, makes for an excellent cup holder and drink-chiller!  Here's part of the group. 


It snowed quite a bit while we were out there.  (But basically any amount of snow is a lot for me, growing up in Texas.)  When you walked, you would sink about 2 feet down.  So what better thing to do than to make snow angels!  

Maybe we just aren't aware of the best method, but it's hard to get up without feeling like you're going to mess up the imprint!

That night we braved the weather and roads and went to dinner and the casino for a little gambling.  We rounded out the night with some Wii and a poker tournament back at the house.

The next day, Justin and I drove to Carson City before the Superbowl to get one of my favorite things, In-N-Out.  We couldn't be that close to one without stopping by.  And to make the most of my trip there, I got a double double.  It was so good (my mouth is watering just thinking about it).  I am so jealous of you west coast people!   

There was also a Trader Joe's in the same shopping center, which is also a favorite of mine (previously blogged about here).  Of course we stopped by and stocked up on the essentials (salsa, cookies, cherry preserves, etc).

And my recap wouldn't be complete without mentioning the card game Guillotine.  At first it sounded lame, but it is really a fun game that we played a bunch.  We came home and ordered it from Amazon the next day!


 And lots of pretty scenery shots:



We are already looking forward to the 2011 trip!


  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

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