Monday, December 7, 2009

I need some opinions on which dress (or neither) to wear to my firm's holiday party this Friday. People wear a whole wide range of things. My requirements for a dress: (1) cocktail (or close to it); and (2) on the conservative side of things.

Meagan was nice enough to help me with my search a while back. Sadly, the dresses I thought were winners didn't look good on me, were sold out, or were a little more than what I wanted to spend.

I bought this dress from Banana Republic, but it was much lower cut and drapey (is that a word?) on me. Hollywood fashion tape would have been a necessity and even then it was questionable. I returned it. So . . . don't pick this dress as your favorite!

I saw the horizon line dress online at Anthropologie and went last week to grab it from the store. I couldn't decide on the color (that's where you come in), so I bought both to think it over. I will put my thoughts in the comments so I don't persuade your vote one way or the other. Good news -- it has pockets!!

The first one has a shiny light pink/shell top and a brownish/gray skirt with blue at the bottom. The color is very pretty, but it isn't really showing up well in the pictures. I wanted to take these in the day light, but I didn't get home from work until it was already dark and I didn't want to postpone getting your feedback any longer! (Excuse the tired look too -- I was up until 2:00 a.m. working on a motion.)

The second has a redish/orange top with a black skirt with gray at the bottom.

What color do you like best? Or do you have any other last minute recommendations for a different dress? If you pick the pink/shell one, could you also recommend what color shoes you would wear with it? Thanks!


  1. I am drawn to the pink/shell color dress. I like the color combo of that one better, and I think I could wear it year round. However, the red/orange one is a little more festive for a holiday party. Decisions, Decisions!!

  2. I like the red/orange combo one better. The top color just pops on you! And yes, I think it's more festive for the holidays anyway. To me the first one reads very Easter-y, though I am sure you will look great in it at your party and it wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe this will sway you - I think those gray shoes you want from J. Crew would look awesome with the second dress (maybe?). I would do gray or black anyway. You could always throw on some gold heels, I think those are super festive for the holidays, but that could be a little much. I like both dresses a lot though! Maybe just keep both. :)


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