Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Stress Relief.

Things have been a little on the stressful side here lately.  Here are some of the reasons why . . .

(1)  A 9 hour flight delay to Denver last Thursday.  Mechanical failure + a sick passenger on the plane and having to return to the terminal = arriving in Colorado at 2:00 a.m. 

(2)  2 days of super intense trial advocacy training in Colorado.  It was extremely helpful, and I am ready to cross examine the heck out of someone or deliver a killer closing argument, but each day of the training was over 14 hours each (including Saturday).

(3)  Putting on offer on a house along with everyone else in the city.  I am not exaggerating when I say 23 other people looked at the house the same day as us.  More details to come, but we are in the middle of the offer/counter-offer stage currently (along with several other buyers). 

In addition to a glass of wine (or two), I love relaxing with a good book or magazine in the bath.  Bonus points if the bath has bubbles.  Thankfully, there is a Lush, which has amazing bath products, in Boulder.  My friend Lauren totally got me addicted to their stuff.  So on the way to the airport, I swung by to pick up some goodies.  Here are some of my faves:

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (this stuff smells amazeballs)

Have you ever tried anything from Lush before?  And I sure hope your weekend was full of fun rather than stress!

* Lush has no clue who I am.  I am just a stressed out girl who loves a good bath with their products. 


  1. Emily, I'm addicted to all things by Lush too. It's the simple things in life like taking a warm bath that smells good at the end of a rough day. I totally get what you're saying.

    Hope this week is less stressful. Oh, and you should try Bath Junkie's bath salts/crystals. My friend recommend the Chanel's CoCo scented bath salts and so I bought it. Love it.

  2. I can't even imagine dealing with that much stress in such a short amount of time! So sorry, I certainly deserved a relaxing bath and a few glasses of wine! The 1st melting bar listed looks interesting. I might have to try it out!
    ~KIM @ Sand & Sisal

  3. I Love Lush products. You can get them at the Macy's in the Galleria, if you need more stress relief!

  4. I hope your week is going better than the weekend! That sounds pretty awful! Thank goodness for wine and bubble baths! Also- seconding what Tiffanie said- Bath Junkie has some bath salts you can add bubbles to (along with scents) that are amazing, I think they are called the moisturizing detox rocks! LOVE them!

  5. Yikes -- that's a hard core layover!!! HOpe things are settling down now!

  6. Love your fine print. And woah - stress indeed!! Enjoy the bath, it sounds like it's well deserved! And fingers crossed for the house (we went through multiple bids, and it's tough!) Good luck xo

  7. Did you do a NITA seminar? I did their 2-week trial course when I was first pregnant. I experienced morning sickness half the time:( But the course was excellent! Hope you are relaxing now:)


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